What you need: Unscented Antibacterial soap (Dial), Aquaphor, clean towel, and common  sense


1. Keep tattoo wrapped for at least 3 hours

2. Clean your hands thoroughly with unscented antibacterial soap for at least 30 seconds, making sure to remove any and all dirt, excess ink, or any other contaminates from your hands.

3. Remove bandage carefully

4. Use the unscented antibacterial soap, warm water, and CLEAN HANDS, to clean the entire tattoo and surrounding area gently with your hands. DO NOT SCRUB YOUR TATTOO!! Do not worry about using the soap liberally, as long as its unscented it will not harm the tattoo.

5. Rinse the tattoo with warm water, making sure to remove all excess soap, ink, and lymph from the area. DO NOT leave a thick layer of soap scum on your tattoo, this can cause a bad heal, make sure you rinse it thoroughly, making sure not to scrub.

6. Pat, and GENTLY wipe dry with either a clean hand towel, or paper towel.

7. Let air dry for 10 minutes

8. Apply a small amount of Aquaphor to the entire area of the tattoo. You want to use the Aquaphor sparingly, spreading it lightly and evenly around the tattoo and surrounding area, like a moisturizer. WARNING: Leaving a heavy amount of ointment on your tattoo can be

EXTREMELY detrimental to the healing process, PLEASE pay attention when applying ointment, use common sense, if it feels thick, you’ve used too much, gently wipe away the excess with a damp paper towel.

9. Repeat this ENTIRE process, 3-5 times a day, for the duration of the healing



If you have pets in your house, particularly if they sleep in bed with you, IT IS IMPERATIVE that you cover the tattoo and wrap it before going to bed, or interacting with pets. Pet dander, and interaction is a major and common cause for infections in tattoos.

NO TANNING, SWIMMING, MUD WRESTLING, BEACH, DIRECT SUNLIGHT, FRIENDS/FAMILY/SIGNIFICANT OTHERS TOUCHING IT, SCRATCHIN, PICKING SCABS, OR GENERAL IDIOCY WITH YOUR FRESH TATTOO! When the tattoo is healed, you can go back to doing all these things, and if your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband/whathaveyou cant stop touching it I suggest tying them up.

If you have any questions DON’T ASK YOUR FRIENDS! Call us immediately 516-544-4448

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